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Colbert Group Mauritius

Colbert Group

Founded in 2012, it’s been nearly 10 years since the Colbert Group was established to support foreigners wishing to expatriate to Mauritius through commercial or real estate investment.

Our international team of experts puts our entire range of comprehensive, professional services at your disposal to ensure that your settling-in and your integration are smooth and secure. From creating a company to real estate acquisition to tourism, Colbert takes care of every detail.

We invest our resources into making The Mauritian Dream a reality for you.

Sendylen Soobrayen - Founder & CEO at Colbert Group

Through sheer professionalism and dedication,
Colbert Group has paved its way to the top of the Mauritian market in the fields of expatriation support and investment.

Sendylen Soobrayen Founder & CEO at Colbert Group


We are three entities working independently, but also in collaboration so as to guarantee you a high and unique service.

Colbert Consult

The primary activity of Colbert Consult & Invest remains the complete handling of your case when it comes to understanding and achieving expatriation towards Mauritius, while supporting your investment plans.
Through a Franco-Mauritian team of lawyers and acountants, Colbert Consult & Invest offers a complete handling of your expatriation plans.
Thus, you no longer have to worry about administrative procedures, accounting related to your move, the creation of your enterprise or your visa request.

Our services at Colbert Consult & Invest

Creation of enterprises
Colbert Consult & Invest consists of highly qualified team that takes care of all the necessary administrative steps towards the creation of your company
We manage the entirety of the accounting for your business as well as the procedures relating to your staff (payroll, terms of service, tax forms)
Financial consultancy
We study your situation in order to optimise your revenue and offer you the best financial solutions at this time
Finding accommodation
The number one priority when arriving in Mauritius is to find accommodation. We propose divers solutions to this, in particular through Colbert Properties.
Support and investment
We support your investment plans through the purchase or creation of a business while facilitating all the administrative and banking procedures.
Work & Residence permits
We plan, build, and submit your case file for the procurement of work permits as individual entrepreneur or investor, according to your wishes.
Colbert Consult

Colbert Properties

Become an owner and a resident on one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean.

If you wish to benefit from expatriation without getting lost in complicated processes and hard to manage at a distance procedures, our team of experienced consultants, accountants and lawyers will be here to support you.

All this, while offering you the guarantee of a holistic approach to your needs based on a careful study of your expectations at the begining of our collaboration.

Colbert Holidays

Escape..Exoticism..Relaxation... Do these words speak to you? Go on a discovery of Mauritius with Colbert Holidays.
We can promise you an exceptional journey, far beyond your expectations. A trip that you will conceive, according to your whims and that we will deliver to your hands.
Our team of experts takes charge of everything so that your holidays are exceptional from the moment you reach the airport.

Our services at Colbert Holidays

The international reputation of Mauritius, in the field of hospitality and service is established, in collaboration with our prestigious hotel partners, we take on the responsibility of finding you accommodation that suits your needs
From the 5 star hotel to the private luxury villa, Colbert Holidays adapts to your whims so that your accommodation is part and parcel of the beautiful memories you make during your trip.
On land, at sea or in the air..
Through its diverse partners, Colbert Holidays offers a range of activities that punctuate your stay. From the playful to the most thrilling, everyone can find something that suits their whims amongst our offered activities so that they can discover Mauritius.
Whether you are part of a group of friends, colleagues or as a couple on honeymoon, we can create unique packages that will respond to your every need and want.
Colbert Holidays